Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Introduction

Woodworking, Metalworking, and Steampunk: A New Era Arises
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An introduction: The basis of civil discourse and discussion.

I'm a soldier of fortune roaming the hinterlands of Afghanistan waiting for the day when I am no longer needed. That day may or may not be far off, as there is no one sage enough to determine the needs of governments or the corporations we have allowed to dominate and run the institutions our forefathers left in our care.

My interests are more mundane, if you can call them that. As you assuredly noted in my profile, I have an interest in not only woodworking, but metal working and steam power too. I prefer to work with hand tools rather than noisy and indelicate electrical gear, though I will use them as circumstances dictate.. Much to my chagrin, I must admit that I would love to own a proper mill and metal lathe regardless of how they are powered. The accuracy and dependability of good American iron cannot be disputed, and as such I still consider them to be indispensible in the creation of quality items. I do not doubt though, that one day I will have the opportunity to build a steam engine and power my equipment with it.

Here is what I propose we should do together. I wish to explore with you, not only a practical and attractive competence in woodworking, but an adequate understanding and ability in metalworking, one that we can share and build upon. I fear that there is coming a reckoning that many of us are unprepared for, and I want to learn as much from you as I can, while in turn teaching what little I know in return. Perhaps between the two of us, we can insure that we are better prepared and ready for the next rise of America.

My posts will be sparse at first. Until such time as I have, well, the time to share things with you, projects and ideas, I will be limited to past items and ideas. None the less, the road to victory starts with the first step.

This step.

Post Tenebras, Lux